March 7, 2010


Isla Percussions is offering Cuban style claves made from select tropical hardwood. These are the claves with the larger hollow hembra and the smaller solid macho. This style of clave gives the most authentic sound for rumba y guaguanco.

Isla Percussions claves are $35.00 a set.

March 2, 2010

Made by Musicians for Musicians

We take pride in making affordable authentic Afro-Cuban instruments including bata, congas and bongos. Our drums are known for the best sound available in today’s market, and we are the only manufacturer offering Honduran Mahogany, for the most authentic sound. Mahogany was the choice of wood for the original vintage congas in Cuba and provides the rich, authentic sound heard on vintage records and original recordings from Cuba. No other wood provides the character of Mahogany. At Isla Percussions this sound is everything

Each stave of our drums is completely carved from solid wood, making our drums unique and durable. Our hardware is constructed of stainless steel and air-craft aluminum.

Most importantly, Isla Percussions drums are designed by ear, made by hand and made by musicians for musicians!

March 1, 2010

Ziricote Bongos

     Isla Percussions is developing bongos out of the incredible Ziricote wood (Cordia dodecandra). Ziricote is a prized wood for instruments and it is particularly suited for bongos due to the hardness of the wood. One of the most beautiful of tone woods, Ziricote is also very rare and expensive, even in it's native country; Belize. The beauty and sound of this wood makes for some very special instruments, which for the disriminating musician will be worth the extra expense. This wood is available for all Isla Percussions instruments whenever it is available.