January 11, 2012

Isla Percussions: Afro-Cuban drums hand made in Belize

Made by hand.

Isla Percussions makes all of it's instruments by hand in the lovely country of Belize. Isla's unique location provides access to the choicest of wood savailable nowhere else. Only Isla can provide Honduran Mahogany (Caoba), Ziricote and Caribbean Rosewood for drums. These woods create an authentic sound with a truly uniqe appearance.

Some photos of the creation process from Isla's Belize factory location. Made for musicians by musicians.
Iya on the lathe

Conga staves carved from wood.

Ziricote conga shells

Stainless steel hardware

Caribbean Rosewood bata shells

January 10, 2012

Caoba = Honduran Mahogany

The scientific name for this wood is Swietenia humilis. The lumber and wood trades have long called it Honduras Mahogany or Mexican Mahogany. It is locally known as Caoba del Pacifico, Caoba del Honduras, Caobilla, Cobano, Caobilla.

Isla Percussions is the only drum manufacturer to provide Caoba/Honduran Mahogany for it's instruments. In Cuba this wood has been prized for decades for the sound it provides and has been used throughout the island for the best sounding musical instruments.

Isla Percussions makes instruments in this Caoba for a truly authentic and beautiful sound. Made for musicians by musicians.

New Wood Available - Caribbean Rosewood

Isla Percussions is very pleased to announce a new wood available for all instruments; congas, bongos and bata. Caribbean Rosewood has a sound that is bright and clean.Only Isla Percussions can provide this wood for it's intruments for a sound that is authentic and unique. Made for musicians by musicians.

Stay tuned for upcoming photos of congas in Caribbean  Rosewood in a post soon to come.

Beautiful Ziricote Congas

The latest from Isla Percussion; a very beautiful set of congas in Ziricote. This set includes a specially made Super Tumba. One very lucky musician is now the owner of this set of drums which are truly unique and unlike any other congas. Only Isla can provide congas in Ziricote with a truly beautiful and authentic sound as well as a beautiful appearance. Made for musicians by musicians.