December 5, 2010

New Ziricote Congas

The latest from Isla Percussions, ziricote congas with our own tanned in house skins. These ziricote congas are made from the prized tone wood ziricote which is not only beautiful in appearance but also sound. These congas have the same true and authentic Cuban sound that Isla Percussions drums are known for and Isla is proud to offer them as one of the two new woods available at our new location in Belize. Handmade by Musicians and for Musicians.
Not only is Isla the sole drum maker to offer the rare and beautiful tone wood ziricote, Isla is also the only drum maker to offer skins tanned in house intended solely for our drums. The skins are purpose picked and tanned to offer the best and finest drum skin available.

 Ziricote wood is an option for congas when ziricote wood supplies are available. All hardware is stainless steel. See our price list for more information.

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